Kailynn's Bridals

When Kailynn asked me to do her bridals at First United Methodist Church in downtown Tulsa, I couldn't say no.  Not only because the church is amazingly beautiful and a piece of history in Tulsa but Kailynn is like a sister to me and it was an honor to do this.

We had to reschedule the first time we booked the church because it happened to randomly snow and ice that day so she rebooked the church 4 weeks later and the week leading up to it the weather was perfect but when that Sunday rolled aroundOklahoma decided to drop snow and ice again.  We couldn't reschedule this time so we risked our lives to get these pictures done, (it's all about the shot).  I joked that it was going to snow on her wedding day... It ended up snowing a bit the day after!  In the end, it was well worth the risk!  Enjoy!