Sand Springs Prom 2014

It's hard to believe my "little" cousins are growing up and are not so "little" anymore.  I remember being in elementary school when 3 of my cousins were born.  Up until then it was only my sister and I, so you could probably imagine all the attention and christmas gifts we got being the only 2 grandchildren as well as the only niece and nephew our aunts and uncles had.  I had no idea when the "3 amigos" were born that it would really affect me much at all other than I would have more kids to play with.

 Boy was I wrong!  As they got older and with each christmas and holiday I started to see a shift towards the attention and the gifts.  My sister and I were no longer the babies we had essentially graduated into being the  young adults of the group.  I started feeling like a sort of role model for these boys and I liked that role a lot.  I tried to make sure I was always making good choices and setting good examples just in case those little eyes were watching me from a distance.  I'll probably never know if I had any impact on them but I'd like to hope I did.  Now here we are 18 years later one of those cousins just completed his first year of college and the other 2 are graduating high school in a couple days.  It's a pretty surreal moment for me because I've got to watch them all grow up and I've enjoyed seeing the path each of them have taken in life. 

My uncle Mark asked me to take pictures of Cole and his Girlfriend Jaden for his Senior Prom.  Of course I couldn't say no to this!  so Enjoy!

P.S  I know Cole's mom Vicky Bundy would be so proud of him and the man he's grown into.